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When in Transition, Call the Experts

 June 2016

When in Transition, Call the Experts

By Nan Hayes for Caring Transitions®

At Caring Transitions®, we support people who are in the midst of personal transitions. By “transitions” we usually mean the kind of life hanging situations that have an effect on your current residence.  Whether someone is moving or downsizing due to job change, marriage, divorce, illness or retirement, we are among the first resources to contact for help and advice.

Our services were developed specifically for people navigating life transitions. That person might be you, your family members or your clients. On a daily basis we help those who are too busy, too overwhelmed, or simply unable to manage unwieldly projects like decluttering a basement, packing household contents or clearing the contents of an entire home.  To put it simply, when people don’t know where to begin, they begin by calling us.

Senior Transitions

As the nation’s senior move expert, Caring Transitions® specializes in supporting older adults and their families through late life transitions. Changes in late life include a variety of events such as a moving from a family home to assisted living, moving mom from hospital to nursing home or navigating the liquidation of an estate.  No matter the situation, Caring Transitions® relies on our professional network of caregivers to support the medical needs of clients while we handle the physical asset management details.

Our job is to help reduce stress by sorting, organizing, packing, donating, and selling personal property that will no longer be used or needed.  We are there to take on the tasks that most others haven’t really thought about.  When working in the home of older adults, it is fairly common to find us sorting through decades of accumulated household goods that may be found in closets, sheds, basements and attics.  We advise families of their options and do our best to honor the financial and sentimental value of each item. As the largest and most trusted resource in the nation for relocation, downsizing and estate liquidation, we work to establish what might be sold or donated and what will be carefully packed and unpacked for storage or relocation.

Family Transitions

There are many other reasons for families to experience a “home transition.” Whether moving due to job promotion, upsizing, downsizing, change of assignment, marriage or divorce, Caring Transitions® is there to support families of every shape and size through all the details.  As the only residential relocation resource with a national footprint, we help organize and pack families at their point of origin and provide unpacking and resettlement services at their final destination. We partner with a professional network of movers and realtors to create a seamless and stress-free experience for each and every client.

Families who contact us for a free in-home estimate before they finalize move plans may reduce their moving expense by getting valuable advice on liquidation, home repairs, movers, storage, junk removal, and other partner services. 

Business Transitions

Moving a small business from place to place requires special attention to detail and the ability to organize and keep track of assets.  Whether you are growing your business or closing it, Caring Transitions® can support your relocation and utilize our liquidation resources to sell items that are no longer viable or necessary to your daily operations. 

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